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LM76 is proud to work with CERAMIC SPEED (Denmark) on truly innovative FDA/Caustic Washdown Compliant Ceramic Bearing (Silicon Nitride) Mounted Ball Bearing Units and Ceramic Ball Bearing Products





LM76 is now adding ceramic linear bearings to our FDA Product List. All sizes
of Zirconia (ZrO2) with and without PTFE Shields. Zirconia has the highest strength and toughness of all advanced ceramics. In addition, it offers unparalleled inertness and wear resistance. It is 40% the weight of steel and offers extreme speeds and can operate without lubrication. Outstanding for FDA/Caustic Washdown, Corrosion Resistant Applications. Call Mike Quinn 1-800-513-3163 or email: mquinn@LM76.com



New 8.28.2019


LM76 is proud to announce that it is the US Distributor for Ceramic Speed FDA/Washdown, Corrosion Resistant Bearing Units employing Silicon Nitride, Hybrid Bearings. LM76 is building the largest, solution based line of FDA/Washdown, Corrosion Resistant Bearing Products available on the market today.